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    UK supplier of SAN-AIR™,
    We're the UK supplier of SAN-AIR™, stock their full range of products and can process any size of order.
    New SAN-AIR™ V3R products are effective against COVID-19

Microbial Solutions UK: Fight against COVID-19

Microbial Solutions UK are excited to announce SAN-AIR™ has successfully achieved COVID-19 decontaminate verification. SAN-AIR™ is the product with all-natural actives to achieve this claim which is a significant game-changer in the fight against COVID-19 as an environmentally friendly, organic substitute to all current chemical-based decontaminates.

SAN-AIR ™ is safe to use and non-harmful to pets and livestock. It carries the Assure Quality assessment for use in food preparation and storage facilities, including the dairy industry. SAN-AIR, in its evaporative gel form, is also safe as a respirable so ideal for use within homes, shops, hospitals, offices and in air conditioning systems where it can be dispersed throughout the occupied areas with no more than a pleasant light essential oil aroma.

Indoor air quality and surface decontamination is our top priority at Microbial Solutions UK. We are the UK supplier of SAN-AIR, stock their full range of products and can accommodate any size of the order.

SAN-AIR™ is classified as a virostat (a method of reducing Infection). SAN-AIR™ gel evaporates into the air and neutralises bacteria whenever it comes into contact with them. Made from certified organic ingredients, under strict quality systems.

It starts working within 15 minutes, actives are evaporated at such low rates , and the product is entirely safe to installers and consumers alike. There has never been a complaint of irritation or sensitivity with any SAN-AIR™ products.

How can we help you?

We supply SAN-AIR™ products that provide microbial control for indoor air and surfaces. SAN-AIR™ products kill 99% of pathogens - Aspergillus Mould, E-coli, Listeria, Luteus and Staphylococcus bacteria (MRSA)

SAN-AIR™ helps control pathogens

Aspergillus Mould

Kills 99% of Aspergillus Mould


Kills 99% of E-Coli


Kills 99% of Listeria


Kills 99% of Luteus

Staphylococcus Bacteria (MRSA)

Kills 99% of MRSA

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

New SAN-AIR V3R products are effective against COVID-19


Just a quick note to advise you of our complete satisfaction with both the room and car sanitisers… we were particularly concerned recently as to the quality of air in our new home largely due to nicotine residues and clogged filters in the air conditioning system. After cleaning the system we placed one room canister in an outlet on the upper and ground floors and followed the instructions. The result was quite unexpected. The rooms smelt fresh within a few hours and even the smell of fresh paint in one area disappeared. I can recommend this product without hesitation. The car unit was placed in the company truck and it is now a pleasure to get in and drive it. Thank you for the time you took to help us.

Alan Davidson (Director – NUDIE Juice)

We have used SAN-AIR™ in our healthcare facility and have found them to be more effective than automated deodorisers that are expensive and problematic. I have found them to be very useful in all kinds of places, including the clinic, client's rooms and dining areas. SAN-AIR™ is also used in the Kitchen cool room and fridges. I have recommended this product to other facility managers within our organisation as I believe it to be an inexpensive and effective way to address issues from bad odours to mould and mildew.

John ParkerSt Vincent de Paul Society NSC

I had someone throw up in the passenger seat of my car and in the air-conditioning vent. It remained there over night. After cleaning, the smell was still very potent and overwhelming. I used SAN-AIR™ as instructed and the smell disappeared within 10 days. I was really impressed and pleased with this product… also thanks again because it is a bloody great product.


Car Air Sanitiser