These testimonials have been provided by SAN-AIR™ Australia, who have supplied Australia with all of these products for many years. Microbial Solutions UK is the UK supplier for SAN-AIR™ products. Over the next few months Microbial Solutions UK will be adding testimonials from UK companies.

Just a quick note to advise you of our complete satisfaction with both the room and car sanitisers… we were particularly concerned recently as to the quality of air in our new home largely due to nicotine residues and clogged filters in the air conditioning system. After cleaning the system we placed one room canister in an outlet on the upper and ground floors and followed the instructions. The result was quite unexpected. The rooms smelt fresh within a few hours and even the smell of fresh paint in one area disappeared. I can recommend this product without hesitation. The car unit was placed in the company truck and it is now a pleasure to get in and drive it. Thank you for the time you took to help us.

Alan Davidson (Director – NUDIE Juice)


We have used SAN-AIR™ in our healthcare facility and have found them to be more effective than automated deodorisers that are expensive and problematic. I have found them to be very useful in all kinds of places, including the clinic, client's rooms and dining areas. SAN-AIR™ is also used in the Kitchen cool room and fridges. I have recommended this product to other facility managers within our organisation as I believe it to be an inexpensive and effective way to address issues from bad odours to mould and mildew.

John Parker - St Vincent de Paul Society NSC

I had someone throw up in the passenger seat of my car and in the air-conditioning vent. It remained there over night. After cleaning, the smell was still very potent and overwhelming. I used SAN-AIR™ as instructed and the smell disappeared within 10 days. I was really impressed and pleased with this product... also thanks again because it is a bloody great product

VM, Dural NSW

SAN-AIR™ is one of the few products I have used that has actually provided results equal to or greater than what that it boasts on the label. I had heard of friends using SAN-AIR™ for the first time after relatively long periods of illness such as coughing or prolonged colds or flues and that it had always eliminated or drastically reduced the duration of these illnesses, so I was keen to see for myself. I have used it multiple times in my room and work office to get rid of long lasting coughs (including whooping cough) and it has never failed me. I would be very happy to recommend SAN-AIR™ to all my friends and family as I have seen the results first hand.

MP (S Hills)

We had a minor flood in our Hair Salon over the weekend. Appalled by the sickening smell we quickly mopped up and opened 2 jars of SAN-AIR™ full blast. We were amazed at how effective SAN-AIR™ is. By the afternoon the terrible stench was completely gone and replaced by the very pleasant smell of SAN-AIR™. Fantastic!

Sharron, Bomaderry NSW

We had this never ending mould growth under our refrigerator and underneath cash register. We followed cleaning instructions for the SAN-AIR™ surface sanitiser then installed the disperser with one canister of SAN-AIR™ gel. Customers have been coming in commenting how clean the shop smells now

Ice Creamery, Windsor

We have a damp house. I use SAN-AIR™ in my cupboards to keep the mould and smells away. It really works and I have just purchased more to use throughout the house. Thanks so much

Heather from Cambewarra

I am using the substance (SAN-AIR™ sic) you gave me in the air conditioning inlet vent and had it turned on the whole day last Monday per your advise. I now use the heater in the morning and once in the evening for about 2 hours each day. I must say I have not had an asthma attack since I started using it.


I put my mouldy tennis shoes in a box with SAN-AIR™, and left it for 3 days as instructed. When I looked again, I couldn't believe it! The mould had dried up and I just shook it off the shoes which noiw look clean. Before I did this I could not touch the mould it would smear the shoes


Our shop got a musty smell and it seemd to come from the air conditioner. We placed SAN-AIR™ in the return air and now our customers tell us how good it is we cleaned our shop


We had a significant mould problem inside the sink cabinet in the kitchen. We opened a pack of SAN-AIR™ and placed near the side most affected. The difference after a few days was amazing.

R (Petersham)